Without teeth, without

even an armor of scales

you slipped into life

squirming slick and white,

in a body easily seduced by metal.

Blades often bite at you,

your fins are always tattered.


We try to make up for your fishy luck.

You try to teach me the allure

of lures and twine whistling

unraveling, traveling the length of the wind.

But my mind only prowls

the banks in restless pacing,

watching you in water,

unwilling to get wet.


I try to keep my knives polite for you

try to never swipe unsheathed,

to bat only with padded paws

and speak with a gentling mouth.

I love the thinness of your skin.

I marvel at the waters you breathe.


You travel in currents of kindness

and hover motionless and wise where

I would struggle and be drowned.


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