Scrabble Poem

When my husband  and I play scrabble we sometimes like to do different themes. Only dirty words, for example. Or only slang or proper nouns. One time he challenged me to  make a list of our words and write a poem with  them.  The following  poem is the result. I dredged it from an ancient folder titled  BadPoetry. Terrible might have been a better word choice. =)


After four, Wall Street

loans it’s suited clan

back uptown. Horny,

hungry, raw, they lurch

back to kip in flats

filled with meds and

bran and brand names.


They spend themselves

each day like common ore.

But for half-an-hour, lowered

into earth, they muddle with

those other, human voles.


The hag’s voice garbles

through the din of the

subway’s sneeze and choke.

She paces, puns, jives,

her aqua eyes stoned with rage

that she is, and they are here

not listening, not

thawing to her words.


Passing, foot by foot

they reascend the stairs.

She tries one last thought

to shackle arms and feet

with all she knows of truth,

“Remember when they

truss you to the beam,

thieves too were crucified.”

Scrabble Poem

One thought on “Scrabble Poem

  1. Margie says:

    Am I alone? This poem is great! It’s raw and enigmatic and bizarre and full of truth. I love it. But then, I am a bit odd. I noser, you know.


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