Random nuggets

As you may be able to tell, I’ve been raiding the corpses of my old dead poems to feed my blog.

I found this in a document marked “Exercise” in a folder indicating it was from a 2005 workshop with Arlitia Jones the playwright and bestest workshop teacher in the West.

I don’t remember the exercise that produced this list. I’m almost certain I wrote it. 3, 12, and 18 sure sound like me. (If not, and someone knows what it is, correct me). But some of them made me laugh. 15 sounds like the title of a blues song. Enjoy!


  1. a spider on an old man’s beard is like a swallow in a nest
  2. the oars on the boat rowed as if unmanned
  3. nothing was the same, now that it was forever.
  4. the wino took to coma like merlot
  5. the dice rolled out of the cup like Leonard to a hot pussy
  6. a child in sunshine is like a bean in water
  7. puffy clouds in your glass of wine are foaming over in your head
  8. bed sheets like muscles stretched taut over bone
  9. the fog plumed through the gunshot holes in the train windows like a gambler’s cigar smoke
  10. the gray honor walked up the satin plank as if transfixed by light
  11. canceled checks in the abandoned boat seemed to long for currency
  12. if I should wake before I die, I pray I get some apple pie
  13. Alannah poured coffee down her throat as if drowning the donuts might negate their calories
  14. you mine rocks from a quarry. What you get from a quandary is nothing
  15. up is like down when down feels right
  16. Marlene dangled the parson from her question as if…
  17. she held her life in her own hands as if it were fragile
  18. no, no a thousand times no, he said, his hand a battle ax of sincerity
  19. the solution was hydrochloric acid; the problem was therefore how to kill Gillian
  20. love is to open sky as loathing is to rotting wood
Random nuggets

Scrabble Poem

When my husband  and I play scrabble we sometimes like to do different themes. Only dirty words, for example. Or only slang or proper nouns. One time he challenged me to  make a list of our words and write a poem with  them.  The following  poem is the result. I dredged it from an ancient folder titled  BadPoetry. Terrible might have been a better word choice. =)


After four, Wall Street

loans it’s suited clan

back uptown. Horny,

hungry, raw, they lurch

back to kip in flats

filled with meds and

bran and brand names.


They spend themselves

each day like common ore.

But for half-an-hour, lowered

into earth, they muddle with

those other, human voles.


The hag’s voice garbles

through the din of the

subway’s sneeze and choke.

She paces, puns, jives,

her aqua eyes stoned with rage

that she is, and they are here

not listening, not

thawing to her words.


Passing, foot by foot

they reascend the stairs.

She tries one last thought

to shackle arms and feet

with all she knows of truth,

“Remember when they

truss you to the beam,

thieves too were crucified.”

Scrabble Poem